Warrior's Promise - 964 Special Ultimacy / [Chapters list]
Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!Su Mo and the others landed on a smooth rocky surface.Nearby, countless people turned to look at them in unison."Elder He! Elder He!" some older experts clasped their fists at the Second Elder and the 13th Elder.The Second Elder was Elder He, and the 13th Elder was Elder Wu. They both returned the greeting.Most of these people were at Upper Martial Royal Realm, and they were not much weaker in status and strength than the Second Elder and the the 13th Elder.Su Mo felt most of the thousands of martial artists' gazes fall on him.Su Mo scanned the crowd blankly, walked straight to an empty s.p.a.ce, and sat down cross-legged.Xi'er followed suit and sat down next to him.Shangguan Hao's face darkened. He was used to being the center of attention wherever he went, so losing all the attention to Su Mo felt like being invisible.He glanced at Su Mo with a cold flash in his eyes.Then, Shangguan Hao led a group of people to the other side and sat down."Brother Su Mo, basically all the top ten Supreme Talents of the List of 10,000 Talents will be here!" Xi'er said quietly."Uh-huh!" Su Mo nodded. With his current strength, even the number one on the List would not be a threat to him."Xi'er, be very careful upon entering the Fighting Spirits' Plane," he said. Her cultivation was worryingly low."Don't worry, Brother Su Mo! I have ways to protect myself!" she replied with a smile."Oh?" Su Mo was shocked by her confidence. Did Di Shi give Xi'er some kind of treasure?He did not ask any more questions, as he was no longer worried!"Xi'er, do you know what the Fighting Spirits' Plane is like?" Su Mo asked. He knew nothing about the realm and wanted to learn more.Xi'er sighed and said quietly, "Fighting Spirits' Plane is an independent plane and Small World outside of Firmament and Continent. It contains all kinds of Ultimacies, and its martial artists' Martial Souls are as tall as the heavens. Once one understands enough Ultimacies, they will develop a Fighting Soul Seed that paves the way for a Fighting Soul!"She continued, "Of course, even after forming a Fighting Soul Seed, the chances of it turning into a real Fighting Soul are slim to none!""There are some Emperor-to-be experts on this continent that have Fighting Souls, but they still struggle with entering the Martial Emperor Realm!''After hearing Xi'er's words, Su Mo's heart sank. It seemed impossible to reach the Martial Emperor Realm!To reach that stage took more than just Spiritual Qi!It required understanding Ultimacies, which was a completely foreign field to him at the moment.Strictly speaking, he had only learned about Wind Ultimacy when he ascended the Emperor's Throne.However, he did not have a deep understanding of Wind Ultimacy, and it did not merge well with his cultivation, so he never used it."Brother Su Mo, you should also be sure to choose the best kind of Ultimacy for yourself!" Xi'er added."Of course" Su Mo nodded.Since he could choose, he would obviously choose the most suitable option."What kind of Ultimacies are there in the Fighting Spirits' Plane?" Su Mo asked."Everything you can imagine!" Xi'er smiled lightly and continued, "The Fighting Spirits' Plane was developed by great powers in ancient times, and all Ultimacies of that time period are in there!""I see!"Su Mo understood. It seemed that the Fighting Spirits' Plane was built for training Martial Emperor experts during the ancient times.The Ultimacies in there were probably made by experts and not natural.Perhaps this Plane even had ties to Firmament Palace."Xi'er, do you know what the strongest Ultimacy is?" Su Mo asked."The strongest?"Xi'er raised her brows in thought.After a while, she said, "The strongest ones are the special Ultimacies, including the Immortality Ultimacy, Destruction Ultimacy, and Killing Ultimacy!""Oh, what do they do?" Su Mo asked curiously.He had only heard of Ultimacies of the five elements, but he could tell by the name that special Ultimacies were powerful."The Immortality Ultimacy, when fully understood, allows one's physical body and Dark Force to last for eons," she said."What?" Su Mo was shocked. What an incredible skill!If this were the case, understanding the Immortality Ultimacy would be the same as achieving Immortal Chaotic Body by cultivating the Grand Chaos Five Elements Skill!"The Destruction and Killing Ultimacies can endow martial artists with the incredible power to demolish a planet with a single thought!""Of course, as powerful as these Ultimacies can be, no one has ever been able to fully grasp them and witness the full extent of their power!" Xi'er said with great reverence and longing for these special Ultimacies.Su Mo narrowed his eyes and said with a chuckle, "Since these Ultimacies are so powerful, I will try to understand them.""Brother Su Mo, you have to be careful!" Xi'er warned."Why? Is it dangerous to learn Ultimacies?" Su Mo asked confusedly."These special Ultimacies are the dream of many experts and geniuses, so it'll be very difficult compet.i.tion to learn them!" Xi'er said gravely.Su Mo was even more confused and asked, "Do I have to fight to learn Ultimacies?"He thought that Ultimacies were everywhere in the universe and available to all."Of course. Ultimacies in the Fighting Spirits' Plane are very special and need to be fought for. Anyone who is too weak won't stand a chance in learning powerful Ultimacies!" she replied.Su Mo did not press further. Xi'er had told him everything she knew and helped him understand the Plane better.He realized with a grave face that he would have to reach Lv 5 understanding of an Ultimacy to form a Fighting Soul Seed.This was a very difficult task. Most martial artists in Middle Martial Royal Realm could not even do it!

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