The Invincible Dragon Emperor - 1263 Chamber Of Relics / [Chapters list]
Lu Li had underestimated Ling Feidu's status in the Cabinet of Cloud and was unaware of the fact that Ling Feidu's grandpa was one of the three founding members.Even if it were Lou Shi'er that murdered Ling Feidu when there was conclusive evidence and consent from Chief of the Cabinet of Cloud, the Pavilion of Misty Drizzle would not be able to protect Lou Shi'er.There was compet.i.tion, cooperation, disputes and as well as feelings of grat.i.tude or resentment among the 72 sects. On top of all those, there was bottom lines and basic rules. The principle was that regardless of any conflicts or disputes, the important disciples could not be killed.Once that principle was violated, the two sects could turn hostile against each other. When two major sects were at war, n.o.body could afford to suffer the loss.Killing Ling Feidu was a violation of the principle.Hypothetically, Lou Shi'er could humiliate Ling Feidu, or abuse him or cripple him at will and even had him imprisoned for a hundred thousand years. None of those would matter as long as Ling Feidu was still alive.Killing Ling Feidu changed everything because that would be considered provoking the Cabinet of Cloud which had to make clear of their standing. They could go all out to fight.Otherwise, not only would the Cabinet of Cloud be disgraced, the disciples would be deterred by the danger. They would have doubts about the sect. At this rate, in several hundred years, Cabinet of Cloud would no longer be one of the 72 major sects.It was easy to understand. If Cabinet of Cloud had born the insult of Ling Feidu being killed, then later, other forces could murder other disciples from the Cabinet of Cloud or even patriarchs… or, the founding members.As such, who would have the courage to join such a sect? Who could count on Cabinet of Cloud? At this rate, the Cabinet of Cloud would step on a path of destruction.Killing Ling Feidu proved that Lu Li had certain abilities. According to the rules of the list of warriors in the Divinity, Lu Li could replace Ling Feidu on the list. Lu Li would made the list when it was published the next time if the incident was made public and Lu Li could stay alive.Lu Li would be favored by other major sects since he was a new immortal that made to the list. For such talents, Pavilion of Misty Drizzle would have been interested.But the thing was… Lu Li had killed Ling Feidu!Even if Lu Li ranked top one hundred thousand, let alone the top three hundred thousand, or, were a mighty warrior, Pavilion of Misty Drizzle would still be afraid to take him in.Pavilion of Misty Drizzle would lose many powerful warriors if they had gone into war with the Cabinet of Cloud just for one potential talent. Pavilion of Misty Drizzle could be seriously hurt and eliminated from the 72 major sects.Lu Li… was not worth it!"Okay, I see~"Lu Li now understood that he was asking for the moon after Lou Shi'er told him the reasons.Lu Li had thought that he would rather go to Emperor Heaven Reverse than join the Pavilion of Misty Drizzle, only to realize that not even the Pavilion of Misty Drizzle had the courage to accept him.As for… going to Emperor of Heaven Reverse, that was even more unrealistic.Whether he could arrive at the Swords Mountain was still a question. Say he could, he would bring disastrous troubles to the Sword Sect. Emperor of Heaven Reverse was the Chief of Sword Sect but he was merely a mighty warrior. How could he possibly stand up against the armies from the Cabinet of Cloud?"Well, thank you, Brother Shi'er. I will find a way out myself."Lu Li sighed and patted Lou Shi'er's shoulders. Currently, Lu Li thought he must leave the Tomb of King Luna and then thought of a way to escape.This time, n.o.body could help him. He would have to see if he could be fortunate enough to survive the pursuit of the Cabinet of Cloud."Wait a minute!"Lou Shi'er frowned. He walked up and down the hall for the time for half an incense stick to burn before he continued, "Lu Li, there is only one option for you.""Really?"Lu Li's spirit was uplifted. He asked in a hurry, "Young Master Shi'er, do tell.""The 72 sects are the more powerful forces in the Divinity but there are others stronger than the 72. If you can join those forces, you can survive."Lou Shi'er was certain. He continued to say the names of the four super forces, "For example… s.p.a.ce-time Office, Cabinet of Mystery, Hall of Stakes, Craftsmen's Sect!"Lu Li rolled his eyes. Those were the four super forces, the best in the Divinity. Lu Li also knew that joining the four forces meant that Cabinet of Cloud would not have the courage to mess with him.However, Lu Li had heard that the four super forces never took the initiative to recruit. He could beg till the end of the world but the four super forces would not even think. Besides, he was so weak. The four forces would not think highly of him.That being said, Lu Li felt some hope since it was Lou Shi'er that said so. "Young Master Shi'er, are you saying that there is a chance that I can join the four super forces?""No!"Lou Shi'er shook his head, "The four super forces do not recruit. Besides, the ones they are looking for should at least be mighty warriors.""…"Lu Li did not know what to say. Was Lou Shi'er fooling him?"Brother Lu, hold your horses. Hear me out!"Seeing that Lu Li was about to send him out, Lou Shi'er hurried to the point and said, "You cannot join the four super forces but you can join their branches. The four super forces all have some hidden branches. The Craftsmen's Sect, for example, has a branch in southern Divinity and the name is—Chamber of Relics!""The force has been in such a low key that the outside does not know about their relationship with the Sect of Artifact. But we know very well. As long as you can join the Chamber of Relics, Cabinet of Cloud would have to submit to humiliation even when they trace back to you. They cannot get back at you on the record. They can only resort to!""Chamber of Relics?"Lu Li frowned. Lou Shi'er would not lie to him. If Chamber of Relics really was a branch of Craftsmen's Sect, then there was nothing the Cabinet of Cloud could do about Lu Li."The thing is… can I join the Chamber of Relics?" That was the key concern for Lu Li."It is possible!"Lou Shi'er's eyes glowed. "What do you think the Chamber of Relics does? Their main focus is forging Relics. Almost all the best Relics in the Divinity are from the Chamber of Relics. Of the top 10 Relics on the List of Relics, six are from Chamber of Relics. Chamber of Relics is a branch of the Sect of Artifact and almost everyone at Chamber of Relics are craftsman. What do you think is the most important thing in forging Relics—Inhibition Formations!""I see!"Lu Li was enlightened. Lou Shi'er thought there was a chance that Lu Li could join the Chamber of Relics due to his abilities with Inhibition Formations."Tian Lingzi is a master craftsman. What is a master craftsman?"Lu Li remembered the introduction in the book. He asked, "Brother Shi'er, what are the levels of a craftsman? What is a master craftsman?""Master craftsman? Do you not know?"Lou Shi'er thought Lu Li was joking. Understanding that Lu Li really did not know, Lou Shi'er said, "I don't know the exact levels but master craftsman is the best of all! Of the entire Divinity, there is only one grandmaster craftsman, the Chief of Sect of Craftsman. Second to him are the master craftsmen. In total, there are about 20 of them. I remember there is one master craftsman in the Office of s.p.a.ce-time. He enjoys high status in the Office of s.p.a.ce-time, just like a founding member.""Um…"Lu Li was taken aback. He did not know that Tian Lingzi was this powerful. If Tian Lingzi was a master craftsman, then the books he collected would be priceless and Lu Li could enjoy promising development at the Chamber of Relics."Sure. I will go to the Chamber of Relics!"Lu Li made up his mind. He clasped his hands toward Lou Shi'er. "Brother Shi'er, please enlighten me. How do I go to the Chamber of Relics?""The simplest way is to go to a nearby city and find the Office of s.p.a.ce-time to teleport to the city the Chamber of Relics is. But… I suppose warriors from the Cabinet of Cloud should have arrived outside the Tomb of King Luna!"Lou Shi'er paced up and down in the hall, telling Lu Li to be patient. After the time for half an incense stick to burn, he said, "We must find a sure card or you will lose your life within one month after you leave the Tomb of King Luna. Our fellow disciples will be detained by them as soon as they go out and a simple interview will expose you…"

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