The Empress's Gigolo - Chapter 639 How Do You Know The Size Of Her Underwear? / [Chapters list]
Ren Baqian entered the room, opened one of the freezers, pointed at the corpses inside, and asked, "What's going on?""Some of these people have stayed concealed in the country for a long time, possibly for even more than ten years. If not for this incident, they probably wouldn't have revealed any clues. A few of them only entered the country very recently by using the ident.i.ties of other people. Even though their ident.i.ties might seem pretty normal, this was merely on the surface. We already have ideas regarding their actual ident.i.ties. They must be from the CIA," Yang Sen replied. "Why are they watching me?" Ren Baqian continued asking.Yang Sen muttered to himself irresolutely and explained, "Your information might have been exposed. They probably know that you are linked to some things, but they aren't very sure about it. That's why they carried out such a high-intensity operation, though it probably doesn't seem like much to you. This is also related to our country being afraid of the consequences. If more people know about it, things will definitely be exposed. Of course, if they knew about everything, they would definitely achieve their objective, no matter how high of a price they need to pay. Hence, I'm guessing that they only know a part of it and that it's linked to you, but they aren't very sure of the entire picture.""This also means that there's a traitor among your people?""We are also currently looking for the reason that the information was leaked. I suggest that you strengthen your defenses with stuff such as surveillance equipment. I see that you have none of that here. If you need it, I can arrange it for you. Apart from that, we'll also pay more attention to this location in the future." Yang Sen didn't mention anything about letting his men be in charge of guarding this place. Even though he very much wanted to do so, he knew that Ren Baqian wouldn't require that at all. Simply with those burly men around, even if the other party attacked this place with their military, they wouldn't necessarily be able to win.This was especially since the other party had already been defeated at close combat.It wasn't possible for them to mobilize their military either. This was China, not the United States of America."Will they target my family?" Ren Baqian asked."I will increase the protection around your family," Yang Sen replied."Many thanks." Ren Baqian cupped his fists in grat.i.tude. In reality, this matter didn't really make him too worried.He knew the destructive power of the winged cavalry better than anyone else.What those winged cavalry warriors lacked was an understanding of firearms. As long as they familiarized themselves with guns, no one would be their match in such complex terrain like Sheshan.Furthermore, if 16 of them weren't enough, he would increase their numbers to 32. At worst, he would bring more experts back.As long as they weren't using large-scale weapons, the threat wouldn't be very high.Ren Baqian invited Yang Sen to sit down for a chat before seeing him off. Yang Sen brought along those freezers that were full of corpses when he left.Ren Baqian didn't really care about who leaked the information out. The nation was more worried about this than he was.Ren Baqian and the empress sat on the sofa in silence. Every time they came back to Earth, they would first watch the news. This time around, they didn't even have a television.Let that idiot hang on the flagpole for three days to boost his memory a little."Shen Feng will be here in a while. We shall then decide on what things to buy. I suppose we can only roughly refurbish the house to what it was like by this evening. Shall we go out for a stroll? We can also get a pair of for Xin Zhe.""Ok." The empress nodded.However, Xin Zhe's face remained undisturbed. It was as if she wasn't involved in their conversation. She didn't even know what were.The empress sat in the front pa.s.senger seat and Xin Zhe sat in the back. The moment that the car started, Xin Zhe's face, which always looked like an old well, finally had some changes. "Is this actually a living thing?" "You're right!" Ren Baqian answered as he let go of the steering wheel. "Furthermore, it's a female.""Are we in her stomach then?" Xin Zhe was a little stunned.When Ren Baqian honked the horn, it was as if this metal beast was crying out in response to Xin Zhe's question."Don't you still need to steer the car?" The empress felt a little puzzled after looking at Ren Baqian lift his hands off the steering wheel. Meanwhile, the car continued maneuvering itself on the road. "I bought this recently. It has an intelligent driving feature that finally allows me to free my hands." Ren Baqian smiled as he stretched his hand out. Xin Zhe's face was still as motionless as an old well, but her eyes followed him as he moved his hand…Pow! He retracted his hand after getting slapped by the empress.Ren Baqian took in some cool air as his hand swelled up again after some time.Xin Zhe was very tranquil throughout the journey even though it was her first time on Earth. This lasted until they arrived in the city, when she said, "This looks like a jungle.""A steel jungle!" Ren Baqian nodded."A steel jungle?" Hearing these words, Xin Zhe became energized. She squinted her eyes and looked outside, but unfortunately, she couldn't see anything clearly. She could only make out that there were many huge pillars erected in the surroundings.Besides that, she also saw some people speeding down the road while riding in weird beasts like the one she was in."This is much smoother compared to riding on a mountain-gazing bird," Xin Zhe commended. She then thought of an extremely important question and asked, "Where is this?""You have a rather slow reaction time… I actually thought that you weren't bothered. This is China, a place that is very far away from Dayao," Ren Baqian joked as he continued to explain."Oh!" Xin Zhe responded before returning to that expressionless state.Xin Zhe had a completely different reaction compared to the empress when she first came to Earth."When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Follow the rules of the place where you are at! This is Earth, and you must follow the rules of Earth. Firstly, you can't kill people. Secondly, the people here are weak, so you must never exert force if you do hit someone. I only have these two rules in mind at the moment, but I'll tell you again when I think of more." Every time Ren Baqian brought someone back, he had to explain the rules first.The three major values of the aboriginals were indeed a little inappropriate when applied on Earth.Some of the things that the aboriginals found very normal were illegal on Earth!After that, Ren Baqian bought Xin Zhe a set of clothes before bringing her to get her Two hours later, standing beside Ren Baqian was an intelligent looking and beautiful woman with long wavy hair who was wearing a blouse, a short skirt, and a pair of Besides her expression, which was a little cold, there was almost nothing else that could be improved about her.After putting on the, Xin Zhe's eyesight finally became clearer. The things that she saw were no longer silhouettes and vague images.She didn't have to depend on her other senses to detect things anymore.Now, she could really see everything very clearly in the surroundings.After this sudden change in visual resolution, Xin Zhe couldn't help it and kept taking her off to look at the surrounding before putting them back on again. She repeated this a few times before finally stopping. She then turned to investigate the things around her."What is that?" The austerity on Xin Zhe's face finally dissolved. Full of zest, she pointed at a store with a pink signboard and asked about it. The signboard had a picture of a girl wearing lingerie."A lingerie shop! Interested?" Ren Baqian then turned his head and asked the empress, "Zixiao, do you want to buy lingerie?""Fine with me," the empress casually replied.Xin Zhe took a glance at the empress in astonishment. She didn't expect Ren Baqian to actually call the empress by her name.She then pointed at another store, "What about that?""That's a clothing store! Didn't we go there just now?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting."What's that whole thing?""Apartments! Or you can call it a tall building. This building is divided into many homes.""There are actually so many people here! Are the roads here paved with stones? Why don't I see any junctures?"Before Ren Baqian could answer, Xin Zhe looked at the sky and asked, "Where's the sun? I have been wanting to see it since a while ago. Why don't I see any birds?""You can continue looking later… Go in!" Ren Baqian opened the door of the lingerie shop.While the empress easily picked out more than ten pieces of lingerie, Xin Zhe stood at the side feeling curious about everything she saw. Ren Baqian said, "Go pick a few pieces for yourself as well.""What are they for?""For wearing underneath!" Ren Baqian gestured to her."Oh? Then what should I pick?" Xin Zhe looked at the dazzling lineup in the store and was at a loss.Ren Baqian enjoyed her blank and helpless look for a moment before he calmly picked out a few sets of white bras and panties. He then told the shop a.s.sistant, "D-cup for the bra, and 65 for the waist.""How do you know her measurements? Have you seen her naked before?"Out of nowhere, the empress appeared beside him with a suspicious expression."Intuition! My intuition has always been accurate!" Ren Baqian answered calmly. Such matters were child's play and weren't challenging for him at all.The empress gritted her teeth and felt as if he was toying with her.…The shop a.s.sistant had a weird look on her face. Having seen that Ren Baqian picked out lingerie for that beautiful woman wearing, the shop a.s.sistant thought that she was his girlfriend. Little did she expect that this other woman was actually his girlfriend…Rich people indeed had complicated social circles!"I have never seen you naked before either, yet I also bought lingerie for you a while ago. I haven't heard that the measurements were wrong." Ren Baqian was all smiles.Sure enough, there was something in him that was good in one way or another! It was important for a man to have some innate talents!The empress's face immediately blushed all the way to her ears.Bang!With the shop a.s.sistant looking on in terror, Ren Baqian was sent flying and ended up plastered to the wall after knocking down two shelves!

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