Super God Gene - Super Gene Chapter 1651 / [Chapters list]
Chapter 1651: Guardian Spirit Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Twelve-Winged Dark Seraphim Golden Growler went sniffing around the ground. It seemed to be tracking Blood Dog's scent, and after a while, it began running forward. Broken stone buildings were everywhere, and their presence there made Han Sen frown. Golden Growler kept moving, and after a hundred miles, there was a large number of stone tablets scattered across a clearing. The stone tablets weren't tidily placed, and many of them were even upside-down. But they were the only objects in that place that featured text. Han Sen made Golden Growler slow down. Due to the fact that Golden Growler had to follow a scent to stay on track, he reeled him in a little. If he continued, it'd be hard to find Blood Dog. Han Sen observed the tablets that featured ancient text; the sorts of languages Han Sen had learned long ago. Some parts of the tablets were missing, but many were still readable. “Imir defeated.” Han Sen thought that was strange. There was only the name of someone and the word defeated. The tablet didn't look like a gravestone, but it didn't look like a memorial plaque, either. Han Sen found it odd. He didn't know who the supposed Imir character was. Han Sen checked out a few of the other tablets that were nearby. One of them said, “Veles defeated.” Aside from the change in name, all the others were the same, as well. Han Sen frowned and continued checking out the other tablets. They all seemed to contain a name, and the word defeated after. “Ji defeated, Gautama defeated, Marily defeated, Ginger defeated, Brahma defeated, Zeus defeated.” All of those names were on the tattered tablets, but there was nothing distinguis.h.i.+ng about them. They did give him a cold feeling, though, and it made him feel as if he had stepped back in time. It felt like a certain sadness permeated the atmosphere of that place. Han Sen did not know who or what those names belonged to, and he did not know how those folks might have been defeated. Aside from their names, nothing else was left behind. After going through all the tablets, there was a bronze palace. It wasn't as broken as the rest of the place, but it was still worn around the edges. There were the sc.r.a.pes of a battle all across it, but it hadn't been hewn or broken. The palace seemed to be in good condition, all things considered. It was in the middle of the plain, but one half seemed to have sunken into the earth. One wall was stuck in the soil. Golden Growler followed the scent, which led them straight to the bronze palace. He gave a quiet rumble to Han Sen, as if to indicate Blood Dog was inside. Han Sen checked the exterior of the bronze palace first. There was a big t.i.tle above the door which said, “Hero Spirit Hall.” “For some reason, I have a bad feeling about this,” Dragon Lady said, observing the palace ahead. Han Sen nodded. He felt rather unsafe, as well. The Dongxuan Aura had difficulty scanning inside the palace, so he was unable to determine whether or not Blood Dog was on the inside. “The creature you summoned; where did it come from?” Han Sen asked Dragon Lady. Dragon Lady gave a wry smile. “I don't know; my ingredients are random. I never know exactly what I will summon, and I don't know where they come from.” After that, Dragon Lady looked towards the Hero Spirit Hall. “I think something is amiss. This place is too weird; it'd be best if we just left. We can try again another time.” Han Sen wished to say something, but before he spoke, he heard a sound. The tightly shut door suddenly started opening up. Han Sen and Dragon Lady stared at the gap of the opening gate. Golden Growler growled at the sight ahead. Tap! One hand suddenly appeared, pus.h.i.+ng the door open. Han Sen looked at the hand that was holding the bronze door and noticed that it was rather skeletal in its appearance. Although it had kept the shape of a hand, the skin was thin and dried up against the bone. It was like birch bark, and it looked creepy. It looked dead. The hand grabbed the bronze door and slowly opened it. As the door opened toward them, Han Sen saw beyond it. He couldn't see much, but a ma.s.sive support pillar with visible, holding up the roof. The bronze door opened halfway, and when it did, Han Sen could see the master of the hand. It was a being that was garbed with a black cloak. Aside from the hand, Han Sen couldn't discern anything more about its body. The entire being was wrapped up by that same cloak. All Han Sen could truly notice was the rough outline of its body, which looked rather human. Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura again, but he was unable to feel anything. The man in the black cloak looked dead; it was as if he had no lifeforce. “Since you are here, come on in.” The cloaked man opened the bronze gate fully now, and he stood at the entrance as he spoke. He looked toward Han Sen and the others before making a clanging, metallic sound. It was quite spooky. “What is your name?” Han Sen asked the cloaked man, very alert. “I am already dead, so what would be the purpose of having a name? If you require one, refer to me as the Guardian Spirit.” The creepiness of the cloaked man's voice would strike so much fear into a person, their teeth would chatter. He lowered his head as he spoke, too. His face was fully concealed by the hood, like a spirit haunting a graveyard. “Guardian Spirit, who are you protecting?” When Han Sen heard the name, he didn't feel any better. He wasn't quite willing to step forward, either. “I am not guarding anyone now,” Guardian Spirit said coldly. Han Sen frowned and gave the man another look. Then, he pointed to the tablets and asked, “Are you guarding them?” Guardian Spirit suddenly laughed quite strangely and said, “Yes and no. I guard them, but I don't guard them.” “What does that mean?” Han Sen asked with a frown. “You'll know if you come and see.” Guardian Spirit was still laughing quite strangely. “Whatever you're guarding, I can't say I'm interested,” Han Sen said, and then patted his Golden Growler as an indication it was time to leave. It turned around and started to. The place was weird. Han Sen thought he was invincible in the Fourth G.o.d's Sanctuary, but there were still many strange and creepy things occupying that realm. And so, Han Sen did not think he could kill everything. After he saw Stay Up Late, he knew he was not as immortal as he fancied himself. “Even though you are here, you do not want to take a look?” Guardian Spirit asked quietly. Han Sen ignored him and hurried Golden Growler away. But he walked so slow now, like some phantom force of power was them back. Golden Growler began to slide backward. He slid all the way back until they were pulled right inside the bronze palace.

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