Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms - Chapter 1287 / [Chapters list]
Chapter 1287: Cuckolded Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Any normal man would have reacted the same way. The group of men staring at Luo Puti were bewitched and could not tear their eyes away. Even the female disciple from Xingxiu Faction was gawping at her. Once again, w.a.n.g Mengyu felt deeply embarra.s.sed. Acting cute, fluttering her eyelids or looking adorable… no matter how hard she tried, she always seemed to be a step behind the modest and reserved Luo Puti. Chen Xiaobei was also irritated. He grabbed Luo Puti's dainty hand, claiming her as his own before the perverted wolves pounced on her. When the gawping group saw this, they blushed red with embarra.s.sment, and looked at Chen Xiaobei with awe, jealousy and hatred. These emotions rose in them like a blazing fire in order to burn Chen Xiaobei alive! The term femme fatale really was quite true. That simple act of holding her hand made Chen Xiaobei their enemy. Luo Puti muttered under her breath as she tried to pull her hand away, “Let go. Don't you know that you're courting hatred?” Chen Xiaobei's grip on her only tightened. “If I'm afraid of these men hating me, I don't deserve to call you my wife.” Luo Puti whimpered. Chen Xiaobei's manly presence overwhelmed her, and for reasons unknown, she did not feel like letting go of his hands anymore. “Qunfeng! Is this your friend? Why don't you introduce us?” asked the first man standing in front. “Alright!” Zhuo Qunfeng looked at the young man and said, “This is Kunlun Faction's elder Shixiong, the young master of the faction, Zhou Xiaokun! My two friends here are Luo Puti, a Six Doors Organization chief inspector, and Chen Xiaobei, the winner of this Heroes of War Martial Art Compet.i.tion!” “Six Doors Organization? Oh, is that the organisation that's working for the government?” Zhou Xiaokun said, “Ms. Luo, working there won't do you any good. You should join our Kunlun Faction. We can give you a brighter future.” “There's no need for that. I'm very happy with my current job.” Luo Puti shook her head; a hint of irritation audible in her voice. To the secular factions, Six Door Organization was the highest inst.i.tution that managed Jianghu's affairs but to top-tier ancient factions like Kunlun, they were an organisation not even worth mentioning. “Ms. Luo, allow me to introduce myself!” A young man, dressed pompously, with ear piercings and dyed silver hair walked towards them, “I am the young master of Xingxiu Faction, Ding Ding'ao! You can call me Master Ao!” Luo Puti's face grew cold. Her already strong disdain for dissenting factions like Xingxiu worsened to disgust by this idiot's flabergasting introduction. However, for the sake of the unity of the expedition group, Luo Puti bit her tongue, held her breath and said a polite, “Nice to meet you!” Ding Dignao smiled. “To be frank with you, Six Doors Organisation has no future! Even if you are chief inspector, your cultivation is still no match to any of our Xingxiu faction's disciples! Why slog for other people when you can focus on your own cultivation? What do you think?” Brows furrowed, Luo Puti said, “I may think of leaving in the future, but not right now. Can we please talk about something else?” “Of course! Let's change the topic!” Zhou Xiaokun said, “Being with a man is like choosing a job. With the right person, your future will be bright, and prosperous! With the wrong person, your future will be a dark, unhappy place. He might even drag you down with him!” All at the same time, all eyes fell on Chen Xiaobei. It was painfully obvious that Zhou Xiaokun was throwing aspersions at Chen Xiaobei, belittling him. “That is very true indeed!” Ding Ding'ao followed along with the mocking, and was even more blatant. “He's just some n.o.body who won some compet.i.tion! He's not right for a woman of unmatched beauty like Ms. Luo! That's like putting a rose on a pile of manure!” Chen Xiaobei said nothing. It was Luo Puti's turn to be annoyed. “My boyfriend and I are together because of how we feel about each other, not for some stupid future. That's reserved only for materialistic people!” Luo Puti said sternly, “In fact, he and I have been through many life and death experiences together. Whenever he's in trouble, I will jump right in, much less think about how he's going to drag me down! If you want to target him, then we will both leave!” Chen Xiaobei was touched to hear this. This was the first time Luo Puti admitted that he was her boyfriend! She even threatened to leave the expedition group for his sake! It seemed that Luo Puti really did care for him! For a person with an icy personality like her to say something like this and to make such a n.o.ble decision was extraordinary. Chen Xiaobei felt like he was cloud nine. “Ms. Luo, please don't misunderstand! We are not targeting anyone! Let's not talk about it anymore! No one else here is allowed to talk about it!” Zhou Xiaokun quickly changed his tone. Even Ding Ding'ao seemed to have a change of mind. “You two have been on the road for the whole day. You must be thirsty. There's water here, dried meat and Mantou buns. Come! Come!” The two idiots did not expect Luo Puti to bite back. The two of them, the young master of Kunlun and the young master of Xingxiu, had used this method many a time to cuckold other men. After all, women nowadays had become very materialistic. Most women thought of men as disposable pleasures, rather than meaningful pursuits. Not many of them were able to resist their cajoling. Not only did they fail to seduce Luo Puti away from Chen Xiaobei, but their scheme also backfired. In order to calm Luo Puti down, they had to revoke their words. The tension in the air finally dissipated. But Chen Xiaobei and Luo Puti did not go over. Instead, Zhuo Qunfeng brought the water and food over to them. “I did not expect that to happen. I am simply the grandson of the fourth elder, and there are a lot of things that are out of my control. I hope you can forgive me for that.” “Don't worry. We know how to differentiate between right and wrong. We won't take our anger out on you.” Chen Xiaobei replied. “That's great! That's very good!” Zhuo Qunfeng was relieved to hear that Chen Xiaobei did not blame him for what had happened. “Where is our tent? Bring it over. Better to set it now so that we can rest.” Chen Xiaobei said. “Alright!” Zhuo Qunfeng ran off and returned with the tent and sleeping bags. “Because we are not travelling with camels, we can only carry a limited number of things. We are sharing tents. I'm afraid the both of you will have to squeeze into one tent!” “Oh…” Luo Puti looked reluctant. Chen Xiaobei, on the other hand, chuckled. “Don't worry. I always hug my wife to sleep, anyway.” “Haha! I envy Mr. Chen's luck with women!” Zhuo Qunfeng smiled. “Well, I won't keep you. We will be leaving at six o'clock sharp tomorrow morning. So, don't tire yourself out doing ‘exercise'. Try to get an early rest!” “Don't worry. Even if we do exercise, we won't let it hold us up!” Chen Xiaobei grinned. “Darling wife! Don't just sit there. Let's start our exercise! Hehehe!”

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