Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor - Rebirth Of The Strongest Empress Chapter 321 / [Chapters list]
Chapter 321: The Top of the Outer Sect (2) Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Boom! A huge crack appeared at the area where the palm landed. Tiny crack lines suddenly spread across the whole arena. Ji Xianyuan frowned and lifted his leg. Ye Qingtang used her arm to fend off the kick. Her hand that was holding his wrist did not let go, and she used her leg to attack Ji Xianyuan's lower body. Ji Xianyuan supported himself with one hand to dodge off the kick. He rotated his wrist and held Ye Qingtang's hand. He pulled strongly and smashed Ye Qingtang towards the arena as he turned his body. Ye Qingtang's eyes sparkled, and she used her elbow to support herself on the ground. She flipped backward and used her feet to kick towards Ji Xianyuan's face. The two of them released their hands at almost the same time. Ji Xianyuan backed off immediately to dodge the kick. Ye Qingtang stood up and noticed the blood coming out from the cut on her face caused by cracked stones. Within a split second, the atmosphere between the two of them was totally different. There was complete silence at the square. The outer sect disciples were shocked as they witnessed what had just happened. “Is it a joke?! Am I seeing things?” “How is it possible?” Ye Qingtang fended off Ji Xianyuan's Gale Palm?! She could even fight with him for a few rounds without being on the disadvantaged side?! Lin Feng, whose face was calm, also hid the smile on his face instantly. Elder Huang was also astonished. The moment Ji Xianyuan smashed his palm, he thought Ye Qingtang would definitely lose. He never imagined that Ye Qingtang… Ye Qingtang wiped off the blood on her face with her fingers and squinted her eyes. Ji Xianyuan was indeed strong as the top person in the outer sect. However, this fight… She must win. Ye Qingtang took a deep breath and began her attack. She pulled out her sword and dashed towards Ji Xianyuan. Ji Xianyuan's sight changed as Ye Qingtang approached her in a split second. Her speed was as fast as lightning. The cool light from the tip of the sword pierced straight towards his heart. Ji Xianyuan rotated his body sideways immediately and lifted his leg to kick towards Ye Qingtang's sword. However, it seemed that Ye Qingtang was prepared for that. The moment Ji Xianyuan lifted his leg, she lowered her arm, and the sword in her hand went past his leg and pierced towards his waist. Such a swift reaction! Ji Xianyuan was stunned and pulled out his sword using his right hand instinctively. A crisp sound was heard! Ye Qingtang's sword was fended off by Ji Xianyuan's sword. “Senior Brother Ji… just used his sword?” Many disciples opened their eyes wide as they stared at the sword in Ji Xianyuan's hand. Even when he was fighting with the third person, Lin Feng, on the Honor Roll List, Ji Xianyuan only used the handle of the sword to beat Lin Feng… He was forced to use his sword now… How ridiculous this was! It was another round of dead silence at the square. Everyone's faces were full of surprise. “Junior Sister Ye's ability is really beyond my imagination. I didn't know that there was a disciple like you in the outer sect,” Ji Xianyuan said. Everyone was taken aback as they heard Ji Xianyuan's words. Ji Xianyuan just… approved Ye Qingtang's ability? How could this be? “Senior Brother Ji is as strong as the rumors say.” Ye Qingtang was not trying to be polite. Ji Xianyuan's ability deserved the top position in the outer sect.

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