Otherworldly Evil Monarch - 1125 Sixth Level Of The Hongjun Pagoda! / [Chapters list]
The sky above Tian Fa Forest was still and quiet and the moon was gentle. A clear wind blew lightly through, rustling the leaves.The air was filled with a light mist, appearing ethereal and serene.However, everyone was sure that they had not been dreaming!Until the sun began to rise a long time later, everyone was still looking upwards dumbly in a certain direction, not moving at all!Jun Mo Xie breaking through in his martial Dao and his subconscious performance had given everyone here an extremely important lesson of their life! All of the people here had already attained achievements that they would never have dared to dream of in the past. But if one were to ask them right now, what was the most important event in their life, they would all definitely answer the same thing!The night at Tian Fa Forest, on the day of the establishment ceremony of the Evil Monarch Manor!This night had revealed many secrets to them and unlocked many mysteries for them!Although Jun Mo Xie was not their teacher and had never taught them skills, he had demonstrated the most profound knowledge and comprehension to them that night! Even Jun Mo Xie himself did not know and he had only acted according to his will as he forgot himself and his surroundings!The level of respect Jun Mo Xie held in the lives of these people was exceedingly high!To a point where it had even reached a level of reverence!Simply because of… that night, that song, that dance, that martial performance, and that epiphany!At the same time, to Jun Mo Xie's girls, this night had a completely different meaning!Guan Qing Han and the other girls were completely engrossed in the intoxicating song, unable to extricate themselves!"Suffering through untold trials and tribulations, in exchange for your affection of old!""This boiling blood exhausted and turned into dust, returning to the soil, for only a sweet glance from you!"Could this be that Jun Mo Xie, this Evil Monarch, was professing his love for his women before all the heroes of the world?This… how romantic was this ah…All the girls had lost themselves in the song!Even Miao Xiao Miao was incredibly touched, unable to withhold her emotions…Suffering through untold trials and tribulations, in exchange for your affection of old!Miao Xiao Miao's heart was already in turmoil when she heard that sentence…He… is really willing to suffer through hards.h.i.+ps for me??Is that really what he feels?In that moment, Jun Mo Xie's suave figure had already begun to merge with the image of Mo Jun Ye in her mind!"Jun Ye… is that you? Is that really you? That Jun Mo Xie is really you!" Miao Xiao Miao clenched her little fists tightly and choked with tears in her eyes. "Do you know that my heart had never wavered before, remaining the same… it had always only been you ah…"Most people would only hear the heroic tones in this song, but the girls only heard the deep and tender love in it!This was a man who loved beauties more than the world!This man may not be able to remain devoted to only one girl, but he wouldn't go around chasing girls! He was also an extremely dependable man who would never let his woman suffer any wrongs!In this world where men enjoyed much higher status than women, such a man was already exceedingly good! What else was there to be dissatisfied with?Which of those men who proclaimed their own righteousness all day long did not have huge harems numbering to the hundreds? As for selling off the young girls of their house like livestock for marriage… that was an extremely common occurrence. In this world, was there a second man like Jun Mo Xie who had power and still respected women?All the girls had many thoughts in their minds that day.At some time, Guan Qing Han came to Jun Mo Xie's bedroom and walked lightly behind Miao Xiao Miao. Right as she was about to say something, she realized that Miao Xiao Miao was standing dumbly out of the window, looking at the place where Jun Mo Xie had appeared.Her frail and small body propped against the window, and as the morning breeze flew in through the window, her sleeves fluttered lightly. Her face was slightly pale, and she looked like she would collapse at anytime. However, her little fists were balled up tightly, and knuckles were even turning somewhat white because of how hard she was clenching her fists…Her eyes were only filled with reminiscence, memory, and… deep emotions!Guan Qing Han smiled lightly and walked out quietly. At this point, she already understood…There weren't any need to say anything more or advise anything. This matter was already done!Everything had already been said by that silence!Another innocent girl's heart had already been cheated into the hands of that bad fellow once again… or rather, he'd already managed to cheat that girl's heart long ago. The only thing was that that girl had refused to admit it!————————At this moment, Jun Mo Xie went into the Hongjun PaG.o.da.On the left, the Heaven Earth Spirit Vein was coiled up like a sleeping dragon. The Tree of Life bristled with life force as it radiated dazzling multi-colored rays in all directions. Within a wide pool, a group of Exquisite Lotus was growing healthily. Each piece of lotus leaf was larger than even a regular lotus leaf. They s.h.i.+mmered with a faint light, like translucent gems.In the sky, a streak of beautiful, multicolored lights connected the Rainbow Holy Tree and the Exquisite Lotus pool like a rainbow bridge. It seemed that endless multicolored energy was pouring towards the Exquisite Lotuses, and at the same time, a transparent light green energy was flowing towards the Rainbow Holy Tree…The entire s.p.a.ce inside the Hongjun PaG.o.da looked like it was something out of this world, and extremely dreamy. It was as if everything here was not real, yet existed within the realms of reality…Jun Mo Xie was dressed in a set of white robes as pure as snow. Standing at the entrance of the Hongjun PaG.o.da, he smiled lightly and looked at the scene before him silently. Only an expression of calmness and serenity could be seen on his face.Compared to the previous five breakthroughs, Jun Mo Xie was much calmer after this new accidental breakthrough. It was a peace and stillness that came from his heart, without any anxiousness. It was as if everything was held firmly in his hands, and he had everything under complete control.Until now, his heart was still in that state of emptiness, and was incomparably clear.The Sixth level!The Sixth level of the Hongjun PaG.o.da is finally open!The previous five levels had been filled with surprises, and this time, he believed that it would not be an exception either. There would definitely be another great surprise. The only thing was that he didn't know what kind of surprise it would be, or how big that surprise would be!Jun Mo Xie stood quietly for a moment as he looked warmly at the Hongjun PaG.o.da. Then, with a confident smile, he directly stepped inside!The moment he lifted his foot, the huge doors of the Hongjun PaG.o.da immediately swung open. Then, as his feet landed, his entire body disappeared into the Hongjun PaG.o.da!This was the truest meaning of stepping in. Jun Mo Xie discovered that the originally s.p.a.cious hall had now been completely filled with a purple mist. This kind of mist was the purest source of Spiritual Qi among the Heaven and Earth. The purple mist shone faintly with light and was extremely soul enchanting.The originally empty land,had actually managed to birth life!There was still no expression on Jun Mo Xie's face, and he only looked around quietly before directly stepping onto the steps to the Second level.Then, he proceeded towards the Third level, the Fourth level, and the Fifth level…Finally, he came to the last step of the Fifth level!With just one more step, he would be in the Sixth level!As if he knew something, Jun Mo Xie stopped and stood still.In that instant, all the purple Spiritual Qi in the Hongjun PaG.o.da started to rumble crazily as if it was going out of control. Surging in from every direction, it began to pour into Jun Mo Xie's body!Jun Mo Xie was like a demonic fiend that was swallowing the Heavens and Earth.Jun Mo Xie's white robes rustled wildly, and the sound was as though the earth and the skies were about to fall apart!With his robes billowing, Jun Mo Xie raised his hands lightly, and his feet began to leave the ground…The door to the Sixth level suddenly opened, and a burst of purple Spiritual Qi which had already condensed to high degree rushed out and enveloped his entire body!Covering every inch of him!Jun Mo Xie's body was completely covered in the purple Qi like a coc.o.o.n, expanding slowly…Throughout the entire process, the calm steadiness in Jun Mo Xie's eyes had remained steadfast, never flickering even in the slightest!In the time it took to blink an eye, Jun Mo Xie's body had already ballooned to an extreme point. With a violent shudder, all the Spiritual Qi in his meridians gushed madly into his Dantian, jolting heavily. Following that, it began to resume its previous peaceful state.When Jun Mo Xie had broken through to the Fifth level of the Hongjun PaG.o.da previously, the layer of grey mist that had formed in his Dantian remained in a pa.s.sive state. At this moment, after being triggered by the purple Qi, it began to rotate slowly. Although the momentum was sluggish, one could feel the inexhaustible power behind it…Following closely behind that, the tangible layer of purple Spiritual Qi wrapping around Jun Mo Xie's body once again began to surge into his meridians! Like before, it poured madly into his meridians before forcing its way into his Dantian!The grey mist in his Dantian continued to revolve as before, only accelerating ever so slightly. At the same time, the grey mist grew somewhat more resplendent…The same process repeated, thrice, four times, six times, eight times…Everytime the cycle ended, the grey swirl would move faster, and its color would become brighter!Finally, after the eighth cycle, the originally grey swirl had transformed into two types of colors. A beautiful blue that caused others to feel extremely comfortable looking at it had separated itself from the grey, ga.s.sy matter.As for the grey, murky Qi, it was now positioned under the blue Qi.The distance between the two seemed to be pulling apart gradually, finally showing a clear distinction. At this time, there were only a little less than half of the purple Qi that had originally been pouring madly out from the Sixth level. Without a care, they funnelled into Jun Mo Xie's meridians in an instant!Young Master Jun may have absorbed over 70 percent of all the purple Spiritual Qi thus far, but that had been done over eight batches! Although it was somewhat painful, that was definitely still a bearable amount. But this time, he had to digest over three times the amount in an instant, and it was naturally difficult to handle!How would Jun Mo Xie not understand this much as well? His calm expression finally flickered, and his brows were knitted tightly together. A moment later, he clenched his teeth and his face turned ugly, unable to make a single sound!

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