Mr Fu, I Really Love You - 451 I''m Her Sister! / [Chapters list]
Fu Huai'an also spotted that the incoming call was from Lu Jinnan's younger brother… Lu Jinbei.He remained silent and watched as Lin Nuan answered the call. She put the phone to her ear and then glanced at him apologetically, one hand over her mouth as she said, "h.e.l.lo?"Originally, Fu Huai'an was antic.i.p.ating more cajoling from Lin Nuan. He hadn't expected that they would be interrupted by a phone call, so there was a sense of displeasure in his heart too.He subconsciously retrieved a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, took out a cigarette, and bit it at the corner of his lips. When he was about to feel around for his lighter though, he realized he had deliberately not brought it along in a bid to quit smoking.He removed the cigarette from his lips, tapped on the pack, then noticed Lin Nuan's face had turned increasingly pale. He frowned and asked, "What's the matter?"Lin Nuan listened as the other party spoke, only feeling a sharp jangle going off in her brain. She couldn't keep her voice from trembling. "Which hospital?""I'll be right there!" Lin Nuan ended the call and hurried to the elevator.Fu Huai'an returned the cigarettes to his pocket and went after Lin Nuan, sensing something might have gone wrong.As they waited for the elevator to arrive, her pet.i.te face was pale from shock. With lips tightly pursed, she shakily tried to put her phone back into her bag, but her hands were quivering so badly she couldn't even open the zipper to her bag properly. Fu Huai'an grabbed that hand and steadied Lin Nuan, opening the zipper…Lin Nuan tossed her phone into her bag and felt her legs give way. Fu Huai'an grabbed her with lightning reflexes. She tried to contain the fear in her voice, but it was still trembling. "Xiaonian has fallen from the building! She… she's in the emergency room here…"Lin Nuan bit her lip, tears flooding her face.Over the phone, Lu Jinbei didn't make himself clear—which floor exactly did Bai Xiaonian fall from?If it was the Haicheng Radio Station building…That was 28 stories! Merely thinking about it was enough to sap Lin Nuan of all her strength and the ability to stand properly.Fu Huai'an's lips were pursed, and he didn't say a word, merely holding Lin Nuan by her thin shoulders. Once the elevator came, they hurriedly entered.…At the entrance of the emergency room.The brothers Lu Jinbei and Lu Jinnan were there, blood on both of them.Especially Lu Jinnan. The front of his white shirt was soaked with blood, and his expression was ghastly as he sat on the long bench outside the ER. He was fair-skinned by nature, so the vibrant color of blood was particularly striking on his large hands, even when it had already solidified. Lu Jinbei stood at the entrance to the ER, pacing up and down uneasily.He knew Bai Xiaonian's father was in poor health and was currently a patient, so he dared not inform her father. After much thought, he only dared to notify Lin Nuan.Lu Jinbei hadn't expected Lin Nuan to arrive so fast, furthermore accompanied by Fu Huai'an.He halted in his footsteps and gazed in Lin Nuan's direction. His fists were tightly clenched by his sides, and he was guiltily opening his mouth, but no words came out.It was Lu Jinbei who had intercepted Bai Xiaonian at the entrance of the Haicheng Radio Station today. He had forcefully dragged her into his car, then taken her to an abandoned factory in the suburbs and dumped her there!If it weren't for him, Bai Xiaonian wouldn't have fallen off the building…Lin Nuan's gaze swept over the bloodstains on Lu Jinbei, then over to the conspicuous patch of crimson on Lu Jinnan. She felt her knees weaken, and her body almost collapsed entirely in Fu Huai'an's arms."How is Bai Xiaonian?" Fu Huai'an asked Lu Jinbei.Lu Jinbei's Adam's apple bobbed slightly, his voice hoa.r.s.e. "Lin Nuan…"Lin Nuan's throat choked up, then she grabbed Lu Jinbei's elbow and anxiously asked, "What level did she fall from? From where?""I'm sorry, Lin Nuan!" Lu Jinbei's eyes were reddened, scratch marks visible on his handsome face. He said with a choked voice, "I was the one who took Xiaonian to the suburbs. I…"Before Lu Jinbei could finish speaking, the door to the ER flew open. A nurse had an emergency room form in her hands, a sense of urgency in her voice. "Where's the patient's family? Are they here yet?"Lu Jinnan got up from the chair, lips trembling, but he didn't go over.Lin Nuan hurriedly went over, her mouth dry as she spoke in a broken voice, "I am! I'm her sister!""Please sign here on the surgery form! Hurry!"Lin Nuan received the pen from the nurse's hand, hands shaking. Under the guidance of the nurse, she managed a squiggly signature on the surgery form.Once she obtained the signature, the nurse spun around and prepared to leave."How is she?" Lin Nuan grabbed hold of the nurse, inquiring, "How is she?""There are blood clots in the patient's right brain, so we have to remove the blood clots through surgery. On top of that, there was an injury to her v.a.g.i.n.a, her membrane was torn. If your family is unaware of this, hurry up and call the police…"The nurse urgently strode back into the ER as soon as she finished speaking.Lu Jinbei was looking wan as well, his eyes widened in disbelief…Injury to her v.a.g.i.n.a and a torn membrane? How did that happen?Lu Jinbei took Bai Xiaonian to a place like that; was he planning to threaten to force himself on Bai Xiaonian so that she would agree to get back together with him? But considering Bai Xiaonian's fiery temper and how much Lu Jinbei adored her, how could he do something like that to her? He was scratched on the face and mercilessly kicked in the shins by Bai Xiaonian, which was why an enraged Lu Jinbei dumped her there and drove off by himself!A "weng" sound rang off in Lin Nuan's head, only to be followed by a state of blankness.Injury to her v.a.g.i.n.a and a torn membrane! Fallen off a building…When those events were linked together, an image of Bai Xiaonian not being able to bear the humiliation formed in Lin Nuan's mind.Add to that what Lu Jinbei said about taking Bai Xiaonian away and the scratch on Lu Jinbei's face. Lin Nuan spun around and ferociously smacked Lu Jinbei on the face with her bag, using so much strength the strap snapped, causing the contents to fly out of it.The metal strap left a blood-streaked wound on Lu Jinbei's face.Lu Jinbei was completely dazed as he remained motionless, not defending himself as Lin Nuan hit him. He looked as though his soul had left him as he stared at the door to the ER.He didn't do that!He loved Bai Xiaonian so much and couldn't even bear for a tiny bit of harm to come to her, so how would he force himself upon her?It wasn't him! It really wasn't him!But Lu Jinbei's throat felt as if it were stuck, so swollen and hurt that he was unable to utter a word…"Lu Jinbei, are you a scoundrel or not? When Xiaonian loved you so much, you slept with Gu Yan behind her back! Gu Yan was our best friend! Best friend! After you did something so hurtful to her, you even had the cheek to force yourself upon her! Did Bai Xiaonian owe you from a previous lifetime? Speak up, scoundrel! Have you turned into a mute! Not speaking up after causing Xiaonian to end up in this state? Did you not know how Xiaonian's mother died? She was deeply traumatized from that, were you not aware? How could you bear to be so cruel as to take her by force?"As Lu Jinnan listened to Lin Nuan's words, the blood flowing through his entire body felt like it had coagulated… The death of Bai Xiaonian's mother? Could it be that… it was related to rape?Recalling the cries of despair and fear when Bai Xiaonian was under him, Lu Jinnan's heart ached…Just before Lin Nuan's slap made contact with Lu Jinbei's numbed face, Lu Jinnan suddenly seized Lin Nuan's arm and blocked in front of his brother.

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