Lord Shadow - 377 The Thoughts That They Have 2 / [Chapters list]
Considering he clash with Void and considering Void was elected to become the figurehead to resist him, Loki must have known where this place is.But he did not once spoke about that place when they were together in that room. He could only bitterly smile as he thinks about Loki half-truth statement'Well, he would not be the trickster if he spoke honestly' Azief thought to himself.Then Azief turns his head to stare at Sasha face before saying calmly and without any tones of accusation but it still made Sasha almost flinched'It seems that there are many things we don't know' Sasha nodded in understanding.'Should we branch out?' Sasha ask. She is trying to probe Death Monarch intention and then she addedFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.'Our agents have always been inside Pandemonium and only monitor Pandemonium'As they are talking they arrived on the lower grounds of the Palace. It is the place where the courtyard of the four seasons is located.Pandemonium Centre Palace boasted a lot of different things each one of them is beautiful, luxurious and grand.There is the Gardens of Pandemonium and then there is also the Four Season Courtyard with each courtyard were preserved and is maintained by weather formations and array that kept them in an eternal state of the season of the courtyard.They have now arrived at one of those courtyard.Azief has arrived around the courtyard of flowers as rows and rows of peach blossom trees is in front of him.There is weather spell on top of the ceiling that make sure that those flowers of spring could grow here.The ceiling look like the sky when in fact it is just illusion spell to hides the dark tiled ceiling.As he walks through the rows of the peach blossom trees, he finally decided.'Expand them. I ordered you to supervise it. The hiring of the new agents will depend on your discretion'Sasha lower her head and nodded, a smirk is on her face. She quickly wipes that smile from her face as she maintained back her expressionThey walk through the beautiful spring scene of the flowers blooming and falling petals of one thousand cherry trees blossoming'Is that the only thing you found out?' Azief ask Sasha. Sasha shake her head and continued her reports'There is also news that a nine-year-old kid seems to barge through that meeting and try to attack Void''And that is Loki' Azief said it as he is trying to reconstruct the event that is happening to Loki and determine which is the truth and which one is the lies.'Yes' Sasha replied. She is also seeming to think of something.'Hmm' Azief seems to be thinking of something again. They walk again calmly and slowly as they step on the petals and smell the scent of spring.It is a good place to sort one thoughts.He walks again and Sasha followed again'And there is another piece of interesting new that I got from my agents' Sasha said. Azief did not stop his step. He only said'Hmm?''The nine-year-old kid was not alone. People saw one of the Three Demoness. Probably it is Trisha since the description describe the woman wearing a red smiling demon mask'Azief nodded and there is a grin on his face. People always thought of the Three Demoness mask under the control of Pandemonium.Truth was, the three of them have always been Loki people. They are not loyal to Pandemonium or to him, but to Loki.They always have been and they always will be.Thinking about it again, Loki hides deeply and have been plotting and even antic.i.p.ating his fallout with him.It made him proud and sad all at the same time. He is proud because Loki could contend against him. It made him sad because from the very beginning Loki have always been cautious of himBut thinking back about what Loki said, it is only understandable.After all the stake is high. A chess game that would affect the fate of the Universe. But who is the players? And who is the p.a.w.n pieces?Azief could not accept if he is just one of the pieces in Loki large chessboard. Why does he defy the Heavens?Isn't it because he doesn't want to be controlled and restrained.How could he let himself be just another chess piece in Loki fingers? He could not accept that and his heart could not accept it.Azief then ask about Trisha'Where is she right now?' Sasha frowned and then answer'No one knows. She seems to disappear after she failed in attacking Void. But she did manage to stalled the meet' Azief nodded and once again said'Hmm' Sasha then went into silence, contemplating something before finally she cautiously asks'Your Excellency, why hide the fact that you know who Void is?' Azief hearing the question smiles widely.Azief from the beginning knows who Void is.It is true that the Nightingales rarely find out about outside threat but Azief notices something when he was meeting the Orvanian last time.He saw that Oreki seems distracted which isn't possible considering his level. Not to mention he is only doing an easy task.It wasn't until he saw lightning flashing in Oreki eyes that Azief develops a suspicion.He sends an order to the Nightingales to comb any news about anything unusual that happens in the world when he was in the meetingWhen he returned he got a report that someone matching the depiction of Oreki was seen fighting around Cote D'ivoire.After few prodding here and there he found out that Oreki lost in that battle. Of course the one that lost is Oreki clone but that is still something impressive.To defeat Oreki clones there are only a few people in the world that could do that. And most of the people that could defeat him is on his side.After investigating he found out it is a person codename Void. Since then, the Nightingales have a file for Void in the Pandemonium Intelligence Agency.Azief look at the path forward and he smiles bitterly. Loki and him...and he thought to himself…. Is this how it ends? He sighed and thought to himself... Or is this how it begins?'Well, I just want to hear what Loki thought about him. I thought he might reveal something I do not know'Azief reply.Sasha nod but she is not completely trusting what Death Monarch said. She of all the officials of Pandemonium knew that Death Monarch, like his little brother, always speak in half truths.But in the end, it is not a problem she needs to concern herself with. If Death Monarch do not want to tell the truth to her, what could she do?She could only accept the words and pretend it to be the truth.'Did your Excellency managed to fool him?' She asked.She herself was curios of the answer. Loki the Trickster is always known to be very adept at looking through any lies and he himself is good at lying and tricksBut Death Monarch is also not that shabby. Azief only smiles bitterly. And then he asnwers*********************************************************************************************Like always if you like teh stroy pelase leave some commenst and some gifts and vote for the story. Thank you and hope you enjoy the chapter.

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