His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light - 836 An Engagement Destined To Be Chaotic 16 / [Chapters list]
Lu Yanchen had kept a low profile from the moment he entered, sitting there with Shi Guang the entire time. Even when the occasional people came by greeting him, he was merely indifferent, without much intention of socializing.Through the glamor and glisters of the crowded hall, Shi Guang was trying her best to make out any glimpses of Rong Mo, but to no avail.Before she could find Rong Mo, the male host of tonight's engagement appeared. Along his way over, Shi Ze was all smiles, and when he approached them, his face dimmed considerably as though he was surprised at their presence."Don't tell me that this is a coincidence…" He said coldly.Lu Yanchen merely gave a stifled scoff while Shi Guang replied blandly, "We're obviously here because Qian Xun invited us.""Don't bother replying to lame people." Lu Yanchen's arm that was wrapped around her shoulders tightened a little, looking both natural and intimate.Shi Ze's face turned even blacker as all sorts of emotions gushed through his heart. To him, the sight of these two people here was extremely annoying.He glared at Lu Yanchen coldly and ridiculed. "You're really a busybody. Anything that doesn't involve you, you just love to get involved in it. Even an engagement that has nothing to do with you, you're raring to come watch the show. Only, I wonder if you'd be happy to watch a show that involves yourself then."Lu Yanchen curled his lips slightly and replied with a deep voice, "Even then, it wouldn't be as interesting as watching your show."Shi Ze's face turned absolutely tense immediately. "You mean to say that you did it intentionally back then, right?"Toward his extreme reply, Lu Yanchen could merely feel speechless.But, he couldn't be bothered to explain anything more as he replied with a tinge of contempt, "You can think what you like."So p.i.s.sed that he was gritting his teeth, Shi Ze's fists curled into a ball as he tried his hardest to fight back his emotions such that even his face flickered with a hint of malice. Finally, he smiled out, concealing everything with his snarled grin. "Lu Yanchen, you had better remember everything you've said."With that, he walked away.Even though he looked graceful from the surface, his heart was gripped with hatred and vengeance. It was only with pure grit that he did not reveal everything on his face.Lu Yanchen, Lu Yanchen!Do you really think that you can just do anything you'd like because you have the backing of the Lus?One day, I'm going to wipe that arrogance off your face.One day, I'm going to have you beg for mercy before me!At that time, I'm going to trample on your body and declare, "The greatest mistake in your life was the day you sent my father to prison!"The hatred that was burning in Shi Ze's heart fermented even as he smiled to the people who greeted him as he pa.s.sed, living in his own world of vendetta. It was only till sounds of surprise rang out that he looked toward the direction of the door—Old Master Su had arrived, accompanied by Su Qianxun.At that moment, it was as though everything in the hall had dimmed compared to her radiance.Wearing a white gown, her curvaceous figure was wrapped tightly, displaying her perfect bosom and waist. Every single inch of hers was carved to perfection.This was truly someone that came from a modeling background.That perfect figure coupled with those devilish looks… it was enough for her to knock out an entire city with her ravishing beauty.At her back, the V line extended all the way down to her waist, showing off that glistening jade white skin that could practically ooze with s.e.x, as all men found their thoughts wandering off…

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