Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife - 1409 We Have To Break Up Part Five / [Chapters list]
After Ming Ansheng got in the car, he ignited the car. He then received a text.'Remember to be patient towards your cute little girlfriend, since she is still a young girl. Abandon your pride as a young master.'It was Meiduo and she added a grinning emoji at the end of her text.s.h.i.+t. Why did he have the feeling that she was fooling him? She obviously knew that Su Yue was Third Yan's sister. And by asking him to wait outside Su Yue's house, wasn't she asking him to wait outside Third Yan's house?On the other hand, he felt that she had a point. Yueyue loved him and couldn't bear to see him waiting in the cold.He was certain.Ming Ansheng made his way to Yan Rusheng's house, feeling conflicted during the ride. His house was located in the middle of the city and it occupied a vast area of land. He caught a glimpse of the huge and grand mansion from a distance away.He stopped a short distance away outside the mansion before calling Su Yue. As expected, Su Yue didn't answer.…Su Yue went straight to Wen Xuxu's room after her shower. She stood beside the crib and was staring at the twins in a daze.Xuxu carried a cup of warm water in her hands and noticed Su Yue. She asked, "Yueyue, you are having your holidays, but you didn't go out. Did you fight with Ming Ansheng?"She wanted to ask that long ago.From the day she came back, she didn't step out of the house at all. Other than mealtimes, she would either stay in her room or watch TV in the living room. She didn't use her phone at all, too.This was unusual of her. She had just started dating Ming Ansheng, and given her character, she was sure to cling on to Ming Ansheng especially during such a festive period.She must have fought with him.Su Yue shook her head. "No."Xuxu asked again, "Then why didn't you look for him?"Su Yue retorted, "Why should I?"Xuxu merely smiled in response.Su Yue changed the topic. "Third sister-in-law, I think they want to drink milk. I put my finger to their mouths and they kept sucking on it."Xuxu walked towards her and grabbed her wrist with a frown. "Your fingers are dirty."She glanced at the pocket in Su Yue's pajamas. "Your phone is ringing."How could Su Yue not know that her phone was ringing? She threw a casual glance at her pocket and grunted.But she didn't answer it.Xuxu knew the answer but she probed deliberately. "Why aren't you answering?"Su Yue answered, "It's those prank calls."Xuxu persisted on and chuckled. "I thought they usually hang up after one or two seconds?"Su Yue was speechless…She knew that Xuxu was making fun of her, and she punched her lightly on her back. "Third sister-in-law, you're so bad."She took out her phone and saw two missed calls and a text from Ming Ansheng.'I'm waiting outside your house until you're willing to come out to talk to me.'Su Yue stared at the text, she felt startled. She hastily rose and walked to the balcony.She pulled the curtains, looked into the distance and received a shock. A towering figure was outside the gates, and he looked as though he didn't wear enough to keep him warm.Su Yue bit her lips.He… really came."Yueyue, what are you looking at?" Xuxu asked as she walked towards her.

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