Akatsuki no Yona - Chapter 179 / [Chapters list]
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Ogi-lili scene: he's basically spreading the rumour that Sen province and not Suwon is responsible for IL's death.

They're going back to Hiryuu castle.

Yona and others are in separate carriages.

Yona is with Kye-Sook, she asks him who is he is since she had never seen him in the castle. He says he's someone who Yu-Hon picked (?) and someone who wished for Yu-Hon to be king but that couldn't happen because IL blocked that path. Now he wishes Soo-won to be the King Yu-hon couldn’t be.

The carriages arrive at Saika. People are amazed to the Yona and her red hair and the fact that she resembles the King of legends- Hiryuu.

Yona is welcomed. (not sure by who) they also say that while it's good that she's taken this step, she's basically allying with the enemy.

Finally reach Hiryuu castle. Dragons feel exponentially better and their wounds heal faster.

Keishuk announces that Soo-won is waiting for them. But other than Yona, the other's aren't allowed because they can't risk turning their weapons against Soo-won---basically HAK. Ju-doh (probably) said that they're monsters that can go wild anytime.

Yona is asked to go to a room. She's surprised and enquires about the room but Keishuk says that they've just completed a long journey and she should first rest. Suwon will set a place for their meeting. (I don't know, this fella is on drugs...I mean aren't you the one who said Soo-won is waiting for her???? so what's with all the resting crap???)

Soo-won and Kye-sook meet. Soo-won asks him what he's planning. He explains that because of various reasons (other countries targetting dragons which can be used against Kouka, Fire tribe worshipping DD&HHB, etc etc. ) HIryuu castle is the best place for them. He calls them ending up here FATE. (haha who the f are u kidding u blackmailing son of a rotten biscuit)

Soo-won questions him about his plans again to which he says- they should hold a festival and the martial arts tournament and have the dragons participate in it.

**NEXT ISSUE: AUG 20****t**h

All I'm gonna say is my hatred for Ju-Doh is exponentially increasing and if Kye-sook doesn't suffer sooner or later, I'm gonna go in there myself and unleash my deadliest weapon- the eraser. I'm gonna erase this conniving man from the manga.

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